Rapid Fire Reviews – We Are Robin #1

WE ARE ROBIN #1 – DC COMICS – (W) Lee Bermejo (A) Jorge Corona


After picking up (and consequently dropping) Superman, Green Lantern and Detective Comics during DC’s New 52 phase, I figured I’d use this fresh start to get in on the ground floor of some titles and give the label another try, and if there was a title with the possibility of a Harper Row appearance it would be this one. While there was no mention of her here, and I still hold out hope that she’ll pop up, I really enjoyed what was provided. Front and centre is Duke Thomas, you may remember him as the young man from Endgame whose parents were central to one of the Joker’s games. They’re still missing and in the time passed since Endgame, Duke has grown. He’s still a young man, but he’s sharper, more independent and less naive, but that’ll happen when you’re shunted around foster homes. While searching for information on his parents in Gotham’s underground, he comes to the attention of the Robins, looking to recruit for their cause. We only get the briefest glimpse of the Robins right at the end of the book but they look to be a diverse and interesting group. Corona’s art style is really jagged and dynamic with wonderfully exaggerated, expressive faces. It feels really well suited to the book. I’m quite excited by this foray into a new element of Gotham and if this is indicative of the quality of the new titles from DC, the future looks bright.

Jeremy Scott