Rapid Fire Reviews – Daredevil #16

DAREDEVIL #16 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Mark Waid (A) Chris Samnee

daredevil 16

TheĀ end is fast approaching for Daredevil, and for Waid and Samnee as their acclaimed run on this title comes to a close. The thing that impressed me most about this issue, when compared to other titles which were approaching the end of a run, was the well structured pacing. There are a lot of things going on in here, but it never feels rushed or jammed in, Waid has this story planned out to a T. I haven’t encountered Murdock and Kingpin in the same book before, but you get a sense of the history and enmity between the two in just a few short pages, with their interactions and Fisk’s ‘art gallery’ the standout for me, both visually and in terms of dialogue. We don’t miss out of the Shroud, or Owl and Jubula, who feature briefly, but it’s Foggy and Kristen who had my stomach lurching. I want the next installment, but I also don’t want this to end.