Rapid Fire Reviews – Vader Down Part 1-3

VADER DOWN PARTS 1-3 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Jason Aaron & Kieron Gillen (A) Mike Deodato & Salvador Larroca


Both the Star Wars and Darth Vader titles have been steady since their inception, but steadily ramping up in recent months culminating in Vader Down, a very exciting and organic feeling amalgamation of both titles. The beauty of this for me is that we weren’t just dropped into some event leaving the other titles hanging, both of the involved books have been leading to this point for a little while and it adds depth and gravity (space pun) to the situation. Vader tracks Luke to Vrogas Vas and is literally taken down in a kamikaze move by young Skywalker, though both father and son crash land relatively unharmed. The story is well balanced and never short of action, flowing almost seamlessly from book to book. Vader dispatching everything the Rebels throw at him, Luke and R2 hot on his trail before being sidetracked by Aphra and her murderdroids, throw in a little Solo action and Leia getting her hands dirty, and I don’t think it’s possible to not enjoy this. Even though Immonen isn’t on art, Deodato does an admirable job, managing to capture that real cinematic feel that I think Immonen nails. Exciting and climactic, I’m really looking forward to more of this.

-Jeremy Scott