Rapid Fire Reviews – Silver Surfer #15

SILVER SURFER #15 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Dan Slott (A) Michael & Laura Allred

Silver Surfer 15

Anyone who hasn’t read this has honestly missed out on one of the most gut churning, heart string tugging, warm feeling inducing titles to come out of Marvel in a good while. I know it’s been a while since we had an issue and I know I mentioned previously that I thought they should’ve pulled the curtain at issue 12, but this was such a nice final issue, capping off the run wonderfully. Dawn and Norrin are forced to choose between their original universe, or they perfect one they’ve created, for Dawn that also means choosing between the true Surfer, or the flawless copy she’s imagined. It’s not particularly unexpected or shocking, the conclusion that they come too, but it’s the way Slott goes about writing it that works for me. They’re back in January with the same team and a new number 1, but do yourself a favor and read this first, it’ll make series 2 a much grander adventure.

-Jeremy Scott