Rapid Fire Reviews – Spider-Verse #2

SPIDER-VERSE #2 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Mike Costa (A) André Araújo

Peter Porker and Spider-Gwen escape Oscorp, meet the other totems (Spider-Gwen, Captain Spider-Britain and Spider-Man India) and are all joined by Spider-Man Noir who was definitely the highlight of this issue for me. He at least seems to know what’s going on, while the other Spiders seem a lot more vague and aimless. There’s a short fight between the gang, Carnage and Tombstone, before the Sinister Six show up leading into what will hopefully (please) be a better 3rd issue. Something’s going on with the whole Web of life deal and Norman Osborne, and something is going on with the faces in this book. Neither of them are good.

Jeremy Scott