Rapid Fire Reviews – Spider-Gwen #5

SPIDER-GWEN #5 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Jason Latour (A) Robbie Rodriguez

Spider-Gwen 5

This is apparently the last issue of Spider-Gwen, which is kinda sad because it’s been good, and kinda weird because it just sort of stops with nothing resolved. Gwen and the Mary-Janes are opening for Felicia Hardy, pop superstar, but also master jewel thief/cat burglar. Felicia is the focus for most of the issue as we get a look in at her origin and also the basis of her feud with Kingpin/Matt Murdock, something she unknowingly shares with Gwen. There’s conflict between the girls, and some action but really all I can think about is how everything is just left hanging. I don’t know if there’s some intention to return to this series at a later date, but I feel kinda flat. No fault of the creators, Latour’s re-imagining and Rodriguez’ masterful artwork remain unchanged. Sorry to see this go.

-Jeremy Scott