Rapid Fire Reviews – Uncanny X-Men #34

UNCANNY X-MEN #34 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Kristafer Anka


Mystique has been popping up in both All New and Uncanny since the beginning of Bendis’ run, with various schemes and levels of input into the ongoing X-men universe. Here, Bendis takes hold of a few of those existing ties and wraps them up nicely, while also making good use of the New Xavier School students, proving that they still have some worth post school closure. Dazzler, featuring heavily in some of the Mystique storylines, also reappears. When we last left her she was in quite a dark place and I’m glad that she’s afforded the opportunity to redeem herself, the position of SHIELD mutant liason is still on the table, as well as a chance at retribution. Also her new look has grown on me. She hot. Next issue is #600 and won’t be out for ages, but looks to be the goods.

Jeremy Scott