Rapid Fire Reviews – Secret Wars BattleWorld



In a similar vein to Edge of Spider-Verse and Original Sins, Battleworld is a compilation of stories encompassing the greater theme of the event, but without the need for their own separate series. I’ve found these mini-story books to be rather entertaining and effective in the past, being able to explore ideas within the event without having to tie too closely to major events. The best way I could possibly describe this is fun. The Punisher harboring the soul of Dr Strange? Aces. It’s one exciting and visually striking fight scene which also showcases Doom’s private security force commanded by his right hand man, also Dr Strange (different reality). The secondary story featuring a multitude of MODOKs was a good laugh, although felt even more throwaway. What this book did do though was give me a much better understanding of what Battleworld is and how it works, something that I missed from the event book itself. Still early days and I’m looking forward to getting into one of the more focused tie-ins, but early signs point to this being realllly good.

Jeremy Scott