Rapid Fire Reviews – Rebels #2


REBELS #2 – DARK HORSE COMICS – (W) Brian Wood (A) Andrea Mutti

This book is interesting, although not as attention grabbing as I’d initially hoped. So far it has a much slower, more deliberate pace that would probably be far more appealing to readers with a knowledge and understanding of the American Revolution rather than someone such as myself, with a passing interest. There’s certainly plenty of potential here for Wood to deliver some excitement and hopefully once we’re a little more familiar with the characters the plot will pick up. Mutti’s work is a little inconsistent for my liking, really enjoyed the opening pages but they seemed to dive quickly to the point where I was checking to see if the art duties had been split. He does pull off the outdoor settings well and they’re definitely impressive. I can see where Wood was heading with this, it just feels a little too real, a little too much like a retelling for me right now.

Jeremy Scott