Rapid Fire Reviews – Inhuman Annual #1

Inhumans 1

INHUMAN ANNUAL #1 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Charles Soule (A) Ryan Stegman


It’s amazing what a change in art can do for my enjoyment of a title as Stegman returns for this annual offering and knocks it out of the park. Story-wise everything is singing too, as Soule wraps together a number of tangents and threads before things break for Secret Wars. Lineage reveals his big plans just before being literally torn a new one, and the majority of the Inhumans make their way back to Attilan just in time to bear witness. I LOVE the progression that they’ve got going with Flint and Inferno, both developing new aspects of their powers throughout this issue, and we’re also (almost) introduced to Inferno’s new niece or nephew who looks… interesting. If you’re someone who usually steers clear of annuals I strongly recommend picking this up if you’re reading this series, it puts a nice cap on what Soule has done up to now, while introducing new elements which will hopefully be picked up post Secret Wars.

Jeremy Scott