Episode 131 – Spotlight on John Byrne part 1

At this years 2018 Fan Expo Canada, long time comic book fans had the rare treat of getting to meet the legendary creator, writer and artist, John Byrne. His credits include definitive runs on the Uncanny X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Alpha Flight, The Avengers, Wonder Woman, and of course, The Man of Steel, Superman. In what may be his last Con appearance EVER, (so he claims) Eric Anthony brought his handy recorder to document the footage in order to share with you. Most of the questions fans have wanted to ask Mr. Byrne are addressed and no question was turned away. Enjoy part 1 of 2 historical panels with fan favourite and all time great, John Byrne. Part 2 will be up soon so stay tuned.

Click to Download John Byrne part 1

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