Rapid Fire Reviews – Daredevil 3

DAREDEVIL #3 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Charles Soule (A) Ron Garney Mat Milla


I’m very conflicted when it comes to the work of Garney and colourist Mat Milla. There’s a large splash page inside of Daredevil where Garney has done his best work of the series in my opinion, it’s clean and flowing, well presented and dynamic. The following pages are great as well, Milla introducing some blues and greens in the New York night sky to really contrast against Murdock’s black and red costume. Unfortunately, the majority of the art devolves into a muddy, sketchy mess. The heavily red and brown pallette leads to every scene looking very similar, DD himself getting lost in the background instead of his bright red drawing the eye. I’m still waiting for the team to find their feet though, hopefully experimenting with a couple of different styles. Ten Fingers becomes an unlikely ally as he and Daredevil fight off the Hand, for now. In Matt’s personal life, he’s demoted from his position as DA for allowing Ten Finger’s men in to tamper with their witness. I’m excited for his new position on the night shift, I think that could lead to some very interesting encounters, like his first client. Ten Fingers. Story is going well, held back by average or sub part art.