Rapid Fire Reviews – Back to the Future #3

BACK TO THE FUTURE #3 – IDW PUBLISHING – (W) Bob Gale & Others (A) Various


I’ve remained rather quiet about the BttF comic venture, it’s a franchise that’s very important to me and I didn’t want to let my expectations or hesitancy get the best of me. Three issues in and I’m comfortable to say that I found this disappointing. I don’t know exactly what I expected them to do with the book, but it feels very unnecessary. A collection of short stories, two per issue, exploring ‘alternate timelines’ and spaces between the movies, almost all of them feeling overly simplified and none of them capturing my attention like the movie trilogy did. The art waivers in quality, but never achieves more than a pass mark. This was initially planned to last for 3 issues, it’s now been extended to ongoing, but this is where I get off.

Jeremy Scott