Rapid Fire Reviews – We Are Robin – 2

WE ARE ROBIN #2 – DC COMICS – (W) Lee Bermejo (A) Jorge Corona

We Are Robin 2

This second issue focuses primarily on Duke’s introduction to the gang of Robin’s, allowing Bermejo space to individually highlight each new character and provide a vague outline of how they operate as a unit. None of the Robins stood out immediately, but there was a nice distinction between each of them and it is only early days. Their dialogue and actions while in combat with the homeless masses beneath Gotham felt nice and organic and definitely played to the young, inexperienced teen character type. I also enjoyed their group discussion around Batman, each Robin bringing his own experience and opinion and helping to oriente the reader as to when this story is taking place. The bombs in and beneath Gotham are primed and we’re afforded the shadowiest glimpse of the mastermind behind the process. Really strong second issue and a fantastic street level compliment to an already exciting library of Bat books.