Rapid Fire Reviews – Batman 43

BATMAN #43 – DC COMICS – (W) Scott Snyder (A) Greg Capullo

Batman 43

W… wow. There are certain issues that come along, usually Batman, where it just feels unfair to say anything other than ‘good’ and ‘buy/read now’. This is one such issue. It may seem lazy, but truely so great is the scope of Snyder’s story here, it hurts me to think I could be complicit in spoiling something. Simply gripping, polarising writing from Snyder, nearly flawlessly executed. So, so excited for whatever spouts from the end of this man’s pen. I gush enough about Snyder that I often forget to mention Capullo, whose work is outstanding in both its consistency and quality. High impact action sequences, detailed facial expressions, scenic backdrops and shadowy details, always on point. We meet Mr Bloom this issue, and if I said that was the biggest point of interest, I’d be lying so hard.