Rapid Fire Reviews – Spider-Verse #3

SPIDER-VERSE #3 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Mike Costa (A) André Araújo


I told myself going into this issue that I’d ignore the art and try and just focus on the story, in the hopes that that would increase my enjoyment. Well I tried and I failed. A scene involving 6 assorted Spider-People against any iteration of the Sinister Six should be an exciting, epic sequence and something worthy of the Spider-Verse name. This instead, is flat and dull. It’s over quickly and I think there was maybe one panel where anything remotely interesting happened. Spider-Ham just leaves in the middle of it too and don’t give that crap that he’s friends with Osborne, he wouldn’t just conveniently wander off for a pork rib burger. Cut to Oscorp and everyone decides that although Osborne held Ham captive, AND sent the SINISTER Six to bring them in, he’s an alright dude and should be trusted. Costa has selected the six most naive Spider totems around. Gwen has some smarts and huffs off, everyone else just hangs around awkwardly and unnecessarily sticking to walls looking two different ways at once with their wonky eyes. Not just bad, disappointing.

Jeremy Scott