Rapid Fire Reviews – Silver Surfer 12

SILVER SURFER #12 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Dan Slott (A) Michael & Laura Allred

Silver Surfer 12

I know there’s still at least one more ‘Last Days’ issue to go, but I really hope it doesn’t detract from the series because I think this issue would’ve been the perfect end point for Slott’s superb adventure/romance title. The relationship between Norrin and Dawn has always been a factor in this story but it’s really taken pride of place over the last few issues with The Surfer’s history with Galactus being revealed and really shaking Dawn’s feelings for him. In their short time on this new planet of paradise, things seem to have leveled off for them, almost too smoothly it would seem like something artifical is working to draw them together. I held my breath over the last few pages and expelled a hefty and satisfied sigh on the final one. I’d buy a hardcover collection of this in an instant!

Jeremy Scott