Rapid Fire Reviews – Thors 1

THORS #1 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Jason Aaron (A) Chris Sprouse

Thors 1

Law & Thorder. CSI: Asgard. Jason Aaron is a genius.
This is a fantastic concept and it’s executed brilliantly, Thors from across the multiverse form Doom’s police force, tasked with keeping the peace on Battleworld. For me, someone who doesn’t generally read Thor, this felt like the perfect balance between the God of Thunder and a police drama, with everything falling into place and making as much sense as it can during something like Secret Wars. Our focus is on the Ultimate Thor and his partner Beta Ray Bill. They appear to be the aces when it comes to police work, entrusted to lead the investigation into the murders of 5 women. We’re not limited to just the two though, there’s also a brief introduction to the mead swelling veteran, a cyber Thor, Storm Thor and Groot Thor (I am Thor), each with their distinct yet singular look. I’m hoping for a closer look at them going forward, if not another few members of the team. It’s a detective mystery at the heart of it, the dialogue is right, the look is right, the feel is right, there’s just Thors in place of cops. I don’t know how long Aaron has been sitting on this idea, but I’m glad it finally came out.

Jeremy Scott