Rapid Fire Reviews – Secret Wars #2

SECRET WARS #2 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Esad Ribic


With the massive events of issue 1 out of the way, Hickman can now focus on building the meat and potatoes of Secret Wars, laying down the structure for the event going forward and introducing what appear to be some of the major elements of this event. The whole issue is seen through the eyes of a new recruit of the Thors, the otherworldly protectors of Battleworld and it helps all the exposition to not feel so exposition-y. I’ve read people making references to Game of Thrones and I think that’s very apt, varying factions jostling for position under the rule of God Doom on his ‘iron throne’ as he lays down swift justice. We’re still yet to see how a lot of these tie-ins will actually fit with the structure provided, but Hickman does a good job with what he does reveal and I can certainly acknowledge the potential within. Ribic really lends a cinematic feel to the proceedings but Svorcina’s colours help to keep everything grounded, never letting the scene become too silly or fantastical and I definitely think that helps to convey the gravity of what’s happening. I’ve got a number of tie-ins waiting for me in this week’s delivery that I’m very much looking forward too, until then!

Jeremy Scott