Rapid Fire Reviews – Planet Hulk #1


(W) Sam Humphries/Greg Pak (A) Marc Laming/Takeshi Miyazawa

Planet Hulk 1

As a standalone story, and as a part of the larger Secret Wars landscape, this issue was excellent. Perfectly setting up it’s own corner of Battleworld, fleshing it out just enough, and then positioning it in relation to other elements that we’ve already been exposed to such as the Thors and God Doom. Requiring some assistance in dealing with a Hulk uprising, Doom summons the famed gladiator Captain America and his pet/steed/life partner, Devil Dinosaur, thrusting them into the fray against a whole bunch of red and green brutes. Laming does a fantastic job not just on art, but also by putting just enough slant on well known characters to separate them from their Marvel U counterparts. And there’s just a ton of Hulks. Pak and Miyazawa handle the backup story detailing the origin of Planet Hulk, an interesting little page filler, but essentially not what I came to see. A great addition to the Secret Wars stable, more of this please.

Jeremy Scott