Rapid Fire Reviews – Magneto #18

MAGNETO #18 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Paul Davidson

Magneto 18As with most Marvel titles I’m reading this week, Magneto is shutting up shop for Secret Wars, unlike other titles though, this seems to ask just as many questions as it answers. I haven’t been following the Avengers/New Avengers at all, but I know Namor has had a decent part to play in all the pre-Secret Wars business and he shows up here. We’re given a brief history of Magneto and Namor’s relationship to the point where respect is built, Namor puts it upon Mags to save the earth if he happens to be unavailable. Like out to the shops or visiting a mate or something. That’s where we find ourselves, Magneto reconnecting with Polaris as the Ultimate Universe (I think, haven’t got to Secret Wars yet) crashes down on New York. He’s got one final chance to show everyone he’s not all bad and Bunn kinda rams that down our throats with a little heavy handed dialogue from the onlookers but other than that the issue is fine. I like Davidson’s art, it’s certainly different that what I can usually expect from Walta but most importantly I think his Magneto looks a lot better, powerful and imposing instead of awkward, fat and balding. I don’t know whether there’s another Magneto issue to go or if everything folds into Secret Wars now, but I wanna know what happens with the Sentinels either way.

Jeremy Scott