Rapid Fire Reviews – Spider-Gwen #4



SPIDER-GWEN #4 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Jason Latour (A) Robbie Rodriguez

Just all of a sudden I thought that I was done with this title, I was over it, the shine had come off, the hype train had long ago pulled into the station. Then Latour had to go and introduce ‘Uncle’ Ben and May Parker and like the sucker I am I fell head over heels for Gwennie again. There’s a very special amount of nostalgia or emotional investment that goes into enjoying this book, at least for me, and when they’re playing on that angle, it really works. Gwen reconsider her position as Spider-Woman, whether it’s worth the risks or if she’s even doing it for the right reasons, Aunt May sets her straight. The book ends on the highest note it has so far and Rodriguez kills it on the final page splash, SO much energy going into the jam session it’s insane. This fills a very niche hole in my list of titles, but it fills it well for now.