Rapid Fire Reviews – Moon Knight 14

Moon Knight 14

MOON KNIGHT #14 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Ron Ackins

Another short and hard, done in one issue from Bunn with Moon Knight turning in a favor for another of the Egyptian Gods and investigating what looks like a possible Werewolf attack. There isn’t a lot else to go on, the investigation and resolution were pretty straight forward and honestly kinda tame. It was, however, a shining example of how cold MK is, how his mode of operations differs from some of the more traditional heroes and an insight into the more supernatural side of his personality. Two issues in and I’m sorry but Bunn isn’t captivating me the same way Ellis and Wood did, but it’s certainly good enough for me to continue with it, there’s just that slight twinge of disappointment after reading this.

-Jeremy Scott