(W) Elliot Kalan (A) Marco Failla

Spidey and Xmen

Graduation Day for Spidey ‘ special X-class! Well, not actually graduation day, but it is the last issue in this short series and surprising even myself, I will miss it. It started off slowly and wasn’t anything like I thought it would be, or wanted it to be, but Kalan and Failla won me over with some genuine storytelling and great character development especially in regards to the young students, who really stole the show. The mole is well and truely uncovered and during the series’ final confrontation they’re allowed a moment of repentance. You really get the feeling that Spider-Man cares for these kids, and they for him, It’s a nice progression since issue 1. It’s obvious that this was how Kalan planned for things to work out, as all plot threads are tied up nicely and we end on a high note. If these kids manage to make it out of Secret Wars, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up any book featuring Rockslide/Glob Herman. Not the best book on the shelf, but it’ll be a single trade and well worth picking up.
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– Jeremy Scott