Rapid Fire Reviews – Silver Surfer 1

SILVER SURFER #1 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Dan Slott (A) Michael & Laura Allred

5605727de2785It’s back! Like it almost never left, because it pretty much didn’t. Understandably feeling very familiar to the previous run, Norrin and Dawn are out exploring the spaceways, righting wrongs and being very cute together. Slott packs a bit into this ‘first’ issue, with Dawn visiting her earth family for the first time in forever, helping to establish a time frame for this issue (I swear Dawn’s dad IS Dan Slott). They’re then called upon to halt some beings out to steal earth’s culture, it’s a fun and inventive encounter rather than being an exciting action sequence. Ben Grimm also shows up in his new role as a Guardian of the Galaxy, something that looks like it’ll make impact for a few issues to come. Lots of the same feels, if you liked last series (I loved it), you’ll like this.

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