Rapid Fire Reviews – Star Wars 8

STAR WARS #8 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Jason Aaron (A) Stuart Immonen


We’re not going to talk about the writing today. Anyone who’s read my reviews on Southern Bastards and Scalped know my views on Jason Aaron, his work on this title has been solid and exciting and most importantly the characters all feel like they’ve got the right voice. Today though we are going to discuss the art, as Stuart Immonen takes over for the immediate future, elevating the appeal of this title from a steady 6, to a solid 8.5. There is a clean and exciting quality to Immonen’s work that leads a very cinematic feel to the book, action sequences are vibrant and his backgrounds are detailed without detracting from the focus of the panel. The familiar faces do indeed look familiar and early indications are that he knows how to illustrate a lightsaber (A particular gripe of mine). Fresh, bright, crisp and epic, if Marvel can keep Immonen on the book long term then I’ll stick around.

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