Rapid Fire Reviews – Secret Wars #4

SECRET WARS #4 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Esad Ribic


So far this series we’ve seen Doom mainly in his role as benevolent overlord, ruling Battleworld with an iron fist from his iron throne(trademarked). We learn that he and Strange received their God-like powers from the Beyonders, but were they simply diplomatic powers? The power of balanced politics? What happens when Doom confronts the survivors of Earth 616, and most importantly, Reed Richards? Shit. Goes. Down. I don’t read Fantastic Four or any of the recent Avengers titles so I don’t know immediate history but you can FEEL the tension between Doom and Richards when they meet, kudos to both Hickman and Ribic for making that happen. Strange can sense what Doom has planned and, torn between his God and his life long friends, he scatters the survivors across Battleworld. Doom deals with this situation accordingly. We’re well past introductions now and into the meat of this event. Loved everything about this issue, the continued revelations about Battleworld, the fight between Thanos and Co and the Thors and everything with Doom in it. Ribic’s art also stands up to whatever is asked of him, with only the occasional hiccup.

Jeremy Scott

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