Rapid Fire Reviews – Batman 41

BATMAN #41 – DC COMICS – (W) Scott Snyder (A) Greg Capullo


I have seen mixed reviews on this issue, and the new Batman, I can’t understand why, I thought it was absolutely awesome. I will admit to being hugely skeptical following the announcement and reveal of his new look but I think it totally worked, Snyder pulled it off without even a hiccup. Without wanting to give away too much for people who have remained oblivious, Snyder has taken my two favorite characters, one of them being Batman obviously, and mashed them together. This is not just a new face behind the mask, carrying on the same legacy. This is a new Batman, rebranded, rebuilt, for what Gotham needs right now. There is MASSIVE potential for corruption, given how the ‘identity’ of Batman is portrayed now, but that’s part of the appeal for me, whether this soars or falls, I want to see how it happens. They’ve already begun the process of bringing Bruce and ‘true Batman’ back to the fore (I guess) but until then I am more than happy with the current proceedings. The best superhero book I am reading by a large margin, and I am heavily invested in Marvel.

Jeremy Scott

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