Season 2 Episode 17 – Trinity: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman

This week, Eric Anthony and Daph J pop a bottle of bubbly to celebrate and talk about one of their favourite things, DC Comics World’s Finest Team. On the heels of the release of Batman V Superman, we dig  a little deeper into some good ol’ comic book stories featuring the 3 biggest DC icons. In 2003, Matt Wagner delivered a wonderful 3 part mini series which explores the first meetings and adventure of DC’s Trinity. Sit back and pour yourself a soothing beverage and enter the Cave of Solitude with us!

Download Episode – Trinity By Matt Wagner

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  1. Happy 40th you guys!!! Wish I had the comic to follow along with during Daphne J’s insightful comments in this episode! Also I agree with Eric. I find The TV series like flash super cheesy but you can’t help but get caught up in it. They give an experience more like the comics, which always had some cheese but also the character development we so often crave in the movies.

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