Rapid Fire Reviews – We Stand on Guard #6

WE STAND ON GUARD #6 – IMAGE COMICS – (W) Brian K Vaughan (A) Steve Skroce

We Stand on Guard

The final issue of We Stand on Guard had me a little conflicted, I’ve been drawn in slightly more over the last half of this series and wouldn’t have complained if it had continued on, but the limited nature of the title gave Vaughan the opportunity to be uncompromisingly brutal when it came to his characters, and I think that was a big factor in my enjoyment. It still stands fairly low on my list when it comes to his works but I’m not really able to put a finger on why. Definitely a title I would give another read to and that could alter my opinion somewhat. Fantastic (and I do mean that) art by Skroce and an exciting, interesting and well executed story from BKV, I’ll let everyone decide for themselves what it’s missing (if anything) and despite what I’ve said, I’d still recommend it.

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