Rapid Fire Reviews – We Are Robin #6

WE ARE ROBIN #6 – DC COMICS – (W) Lee Bermejo (A) Jorge Corona


Having done a little mini massacre, the Talon turns his attention to the Robins, attempting to corrupt and convert the youths to the Court of Owls way of thinking. Assessing each individuals perceived strengths and weaknesses, and their likely success as a Talon was an interesting notion of diving deeper into each of these young characters. Not long before the GCPD show up though, there’s a bit of a scuffle before the young gang are rescued by the Nest, who reminds them of the obvious dangers they face with their newfound responsibilities. It’s still a fun, energetic and stylish title and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Not going to read Robin War though as this is the only book I get that ties in.


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