Rapid Fire Reviews – JLA #6

JLA #6 – DC COMICS – (W)&(A) Bryan Hitch


I will say that I definitely enjoyed what Hitch was doing at the start of this series, I think he incorporated and showcased the members of the Justice League well and defined their roles and personalities sufficiently. Now that everyone is split up though, it just feels like there isn’t enough time or space to tell the whole story he wants to. Limited page numbers + ongoing delays means it might be 3-4 months before we look back in on Batman or Flash, effectively erasing any tension or excitement I was feeling. Rather than being one ongoing epic, it instead feels like a collection of pretty cool moments all pasted together. Hal Jordan learns where Rao’s power comes from, Flash is teleported to Infinity Corp and Superman gets his head smashed in, in admittedly awesome fashion. Art is good, story can be great and feels like it’s got so much potential, but I just can’t make myself get into this book. I’m sorry, I tried, I’m sure it’ll be better in trade, but I’ve gotta cut it.

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