Rapid Fire Reviews – Amazing Spider-Man 1.1

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.1 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Jose Molina (A) Simone Bianchi


I was actually kinda looking forward to this, on the basis that it was billed by Marvel as “Spider-Man’s return to street level crime fighting”. What a load of hogwash. It’s still tech superstar/head of Parker Industries Spider-Man, with some no name villains and slightly less focus on SHIELD and all that extra stuff he bothers with now, all this drawn from only one issue keep in mind. It’s not that the story is bad, Molina writes a couple of good jokes, Bianchi starts off really strong, dips in the middle when dealing with a lot of busy scenes and picks up again when it quiets down towards the finish, it just feels so goddamned unnecessary. I can’t fathom a reason why they would run this as a separate title, let alone mess around with the numbering of the main series, other than to drain funds from suckers such as myself. More than anything else, this issue gave me a case of the cranks.

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