Rapid Fire Reviews – Silver Surfer 13

SILVER SURFER #13 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Dan Slott (A) Michael & Laura Allred

Silver Surfer 13

I’m going to stick to my guns and claim that this series should’ve ended at 12, with last issue being the almost perfect ending to cap off the run. We’re back though, jammed in under the Secret Wars banner for this and another issue. It’s not that the issue in itself was bad, it was rather nice seeing Dawn and Norrin retrace the steps of their adventure through the cosmos, but unless Slott has something BIG planned for the finale, I thought it was all a little unnecessary.

I think what I’m really saying in all this is that another issue is an opportunity for heartbreak for these two, and I’m stubborn and I’m selfish and I don’t want that to happen. Which I guess is testimony to the quality of story and the character work of the 12 previous issues. Please Mr Slott, let us have a happy ending?

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