Rapid Fire Reviews – Darth Vader 8

DARTH VADER #8 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Kieron Gillen (A) Salvador Larroca

Darth Vader 8In a direct continuation from last issue, Aphra and the collected bounty hunters execute a heist on the credits bound for the Emperor. Aphra pulls the patented double-double cross though, secretly short changing the hunters and leaving them suspicious. Now, as Vader so aptly puts it, they have the means with which to amass a Droid army, and the funds to make it happen. Back to the Emperor though, where Vader must maintain the appearance of loyalty. Some of his prospective replacements are given menial dirsctions and squabble amongst themselves, while he is tasked with uncovering the culprit behind the credit heist. A juicy twist, no? We’re also introduced to Vader’s latest minder/babysitter/victim who already appears to be a good deal sharper than the last one, things could become pointy for our Sith Lord soon, but I doubt it. The droids in this series continue to shine, both 000 and the bounty hunter droid (PX-something I think) getting the best lines. A really interesting and exciting issue with a great mix of action, intrigue and plot development.