Rapid Fire Reviews – DAREDEVIL #18

DAREDEVIL #18 – MARVEL COMICS – (W)Mark Waid (A) Chris Samnee


If you have to finish a run as good as this, this is how you do it. The key factor of the last few issue has been how well paced everything is, Waid knows his remaining time is short and uses every space he can to round up lose edges and wrap the plot proper. Never once did it feel rushed or crammed and Waid showed great respect for both the character and the creators to follow, leaving every aspect back on a level playing field. Final confrontation with Kingpin, and a touching moment with friends as Matt gets his personal life back in order as well. The final page splash of Daredevil swinging down from an NY skyscraper is what comic books are all about and further highlights just how much value Samnee brought to the title. This was a fun, exciting, vibrant, touching series and, while I’m looking forward to Soule, I am sad to see it end. Most consistent Marvel title of probably the last 2 years.