Rapid Fire Reviews – Batman 42

BATMAN #42 – DC COMICS – (W) Scott Snyder (A) Greg Capullo


This issue is bookended by a couple of kids arguing over who is better, Classic Batman, or RoboBat. It’s clever, Snyder isn’t jamming this in your face saying ‘love it or else'(I personally do), this small interaction validates the mixed opinions he expects to receive. One of the kids makes a valid argument though, he lacks a Batmobile. Fortunately that gets rectified here, and like everything else encompassing our new Dark Knight, it’s unnecessarily large and impressive. Nice to see new Batman showing the same lack of concern for his toys as Bruce did. At least it’s not coming out of his pocket I guess. The mysterious Mr Bloom is out and about, turning low level crime lords into super powered beings, before disposing of them shortly after. Perfecting a formula, or wiping out the competition? This gives us a chance to see RoboBat in action again, making use of his training and gadgets, and I love the uncertainty and lack of fluidity that comes with it. Watchful protector in training. I’ve kept this as spoilery free as I can, if you don’t already know his new identity, but be warned, next issue all bets are off.

Jeremy Scott

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