Rapid Fire Reviews – Secret Wars 2099 #3

SECRET WARS 2099 #3 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Peter David (A) Wil Sliney

Secret 2099The Avengers and Defenders go head to head for a page or two, swiftly realising they’re pretty much on the same page and retire back to Alchemax for several alcoholic beverages and some ‘heated discussion’. I’m enjoying these alternates to some of my favourite characters and there was a bit more dialogue, with a bit more humour this issue, which allowed David to stretch their personalities a bit more. All is not well at Alchemax though, it looks as though Miguel Stone is INDEED Spider-Man of this time, he does the trademarked feet together, knees apart tuck jump, and he’s got a nasty paralyzing bite. He’s also got some pretty shady business practices, and when the Defenders decline his ‘invitation’ to join his employ, they’re swiftly branded as villains and set upon. Kind of sounds like politics in Australia at the moment to be honest. Two issues left, this series doesn’t seem to really have a central focus or goal. Interesting setting, cool characters and great art, but ultimately forgettable thus far.

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