Rapid Fire Review – Justice League of America #1



As part of my effort to take a greater interest in DC, I grabbed this, the newest iteration of the Justice League with equal measures of anticipation and skepticism. What struck me immediately was just how accessible this was, Batman is still Batman, Superman is Superman, Green Lantern seems same as ever. Something that’s always turned me off Justice League is a lack of interest in pretty much anyone outside of Batman and Green Lantern, and no desire to worry about the background nonsense of the other guys. There’s none of that here, and Hutch launches straight into the story, drawing the varying team members together and throwing Parasite at them. Everyone plays a role and gets a chance to take the spotlight serving as kind of an introduction I suppose. The action is fantastic and I love the fluid dynamic you get from a writer/artist, Hitch’s bold outlines and dark shadows as evidenced on the cover really make things clear and defined. There’s the mysterious Infinity Corporation meddling with alternate reality Supermen, a glimpse at a none too reassuring future and a cut away to a very Atlantean focused Aquaman who doesn’t make it into the team just yet. In short, there was sufficient action to excite me, but also enough story to intrigue me, without overloading a new reader with a ton of back story or required reading. Bravo DC, this was fun.

Jeremy Scott