Rapid Fire Reviews – Secret Wars 3

SECRET WARS #3 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Esad Ribic


I really enjoyed this issue of Secret Wars. I enjoyed the first two as well, as far as Marvel events go, but just struggled to piece together some aspects of what was going on. This issue makes a lot of things much clearer, at least for me, how Battleworld was formed, how long it’s been there, who knows what about the ‘old days’ and a couple of other little things. Dr Strange appears to be from the 616 and really seems to understand exactly what’s going on, whereas a lot of the other inhabitants have forgotten the before or simply accepted that there is nothing other than Battleworld. Doom questions his place as God of this domain. Not whether he SHOULD be God, but whether he should be so public. Strange seeks out the landing site of the survivors from the Ultimate Universe, finding only Miles Morales, the others have vacated the area. And the refugees from the 616 rear their heads, surprised and excited to great an old friend, before realising exactly where they are and who indeed is in charge. Ribic’s illustrations are great, nothing jumps out at me as being over the top amazing, but it’s all consistently above average.

Jeremy Scott