Rapid Fire Reviews – Spider-Verse #1

SPIDER-VERSE #1 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Mike Costa (A) André Araújo

SpiderVerse 1

This was most definitely one of the Secret Wars titles that I was most looking forward to but when it’s all said and done, I was a little bummed. Possibly still operating off the high from Slott’s Spider-Verse epic, I found this to be a lot flatter, and certainly with much fewer ‘wow’ or ‘yay’ moments that were present in ever issue of ‘old’ SV. One thing Costa does well, as he showed in his Scarlet Spiders series, is gift each individual spider their own voice and it’s very effective and welcome in a series such as this. I’ve already made my thoughts on Araújo known in recent Inhumans reviews so I won’t repeat myself and will only say that it is an absolute shame. Here’s hoping for a more enjoyable issue 2, with the addition of a couple more Spider totems I assume.

Jeremy Scott

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