Rapid Fire Reviews – All New Captain America Special #1


(W) Jeff Loveness (A) Alec Morgan

All New Cap 1

Loveness wraps up his 3 part crossover special in fine style, indicating that he’s not just here solely for the jokes, he’s got talent writing heart and emotion as well. There’s more action here as well with the introduction of Cap, but it didn’t detract from or replace the witty dialogue, just added an additional layer to the story. Alec Morgan doesn’t provide the best art out of the three specials, but I think they’ve all been of a decent standard across the issues. Can we make sure we find someone for Loveness to do? He’s at the helm of the upcoming Groot title, but I get the feeling that’s not the most apt place for him. Really, REALLY entertaining series, something I totally wasn’t expecting, well done Jeff and Marvel.

Jeremy Scott

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