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INHUMAN #14 – MARVEL COMICS – (W) Charles Soule (A) André Araújo

Inhuman 14

A lot of different plot threads have opened up here and as a result the issue jumps around a lot more than I’d like, often only spending one or two pages at a time with any one group of characters. I’m not saying this method of storytelling is ineffective or can’t work, but I didn’t really enjoy it here. Medusa and Co come off second best in their confrontation with Lash and the rebel Inhumans and must retreat. Meanwhile, Lineage has made himself at home at New Attilan and his plan continues to unfold, but we fail to see any of his power in action unfortunately. All is not lost on that front though as Karnak (remember him? Me neither) may have found an escape from Inhuman hell, hopefully in time to stop him. Araújo returns on art and while it isn’t bad… it isn’t good either. I just can’t get past everyone’s body shape, while they may be a slightly more realistic representation of the human body, I’m not reading a realistic story. I want superior human specimens dammit!
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– Jeremy Scott

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