Rapid Fire Reviews – All New Captain America #6

(W) Rick Remender (A) Stuart Immonen


Captain America soaring through low earth orbit, clutching the battered and bloodied body of a Nazi Vampire, giant explosion going off behind them through endless space with the planet below. This short series has been a fantastic roller coaster ride from start to finish with plenty of wow moments just like this one perfectly accentuated by THE MAN Immonen who I am convinced can draw just about everything. Remender has used a ton of comic clich├ęs throughout the 6 issues but nothing feels thrown in ‘just because’, everything has been included for a purpose and only adds to the strength of the story. A resolution of sorts to the ongoing plot, but with a sharp twist at the end that’s strong enough to convince me to pick up the Hydra title during Secret Wars which is apparently going to continue some elements of this book. Straight up awesome super hero storytelling.
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-Jeremy Scott

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